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Personal Information
Height Weight Age
5'" - 5'5"
5'6" - 5'10"
5'11" - 6'2"
Under 150 lbs
150 - 170lbs
171 - 190lbs
191 - 210lbs
211 - 225lbs
Under 18
Older then dirt
Build: Location Activity Level
Freakishly Strong
20-40lbs overweight
40-60lbs overweight
Fat Boy Division
Quiet Suburbia
Close to the Action
Living in the City
Hard Living Area
I get shot at every night
Exercise Daily
Weekend Warrior
Every now and then
What is a dumbbell?
Career: Social Habits
Manual Labor
None of above
Smoker? Yes No
Frequent drinker? Yes No
Frequent drug user? Yes No
Frequent night clubs? Yes No
Frequent parties? Yes No
Do your friends fight? Yes No
Real Fighting Experience
How you been in a real fight before? Yes No
Have you ever faced a knife in a fight? Yes No
Have you faced a gun in a fight? Yes No
Have you faced club type weapon? Yes No
Have you faced multiple attackers? Yes No
Have you ever competed in a boxing or kickboxing fight? Yes No
Have you ever competed in a grappling tournament? Yes No
Have you ever competed in a MMA fight? Yes No
Martial Arts Training Level
  Many Years Some Training Just Started No Experience. pixel Are you interested in learning?
Striking Martial Arts
Grappling Martial Arts
(Judo, Jiu-Jitsu)
Mixed Martial Arts Yes
Reality Defense Training
(Krav Maga)
Other Yes
Self Defense Training
Trained in hand to hand combat? Yes No
Trained in knife defense? Yes No
Trained in club type weapon defense? Yes No
Trained in gun defense? Yes No
Trained to face multiple attackers? Yes No
Trained standing grappling? Yes No
Trained ground grappling? Yes No
Trained self-defense striking? Yes No
Contact Sports Experience Level
  Champion Avid Competitor I can play I think I can play I suck
Strength and Power
my own weight
my own weight
my own weight
my own weight
not sure
Bench Press
Military Press
Situation Response Questions

These questions are designed to make you think and give us a better understanding of your fight methodolgy. These factors will be reviewed on a personal basis and will be personally factored in to your results. We suggest that you also use the "Personal Response" area to be expand upon your reactions.

1.) A drunk man is hitting on your significant other and causing that person to feel uncomfortable? The man is bigger then you are, but very drunk and unaware of your presence. You are witness to the situation, what is your response?
  Personal Response:

2.) You are at the movies and people are being extremely load directly behind you. It is a group of 3 twenty-something individuals. The movie theater is located in a fairly suburban area. Other patrons have "Shhshed" then from father away, but no response. What is your response?
  Personal Response:
Tell hem to "Shut Up"

2a.) None of your above reactions have had any affect. It is obvious that the individuals are looking for trouble and enjoying causing a problem. When you did talk to them, they laughed and are now taunting you, and at times kicking your seat. Next response?
Leave the theater   Personal Response:

3.) You are walking out of a city resturaunt and are approached by a thug looking for money, jewlery, etc. You have your wallet with your social security card, credit card, and $200. Your wife or significant other is wearing either a very expensive and priceless wedding ring or gift you have given her. He has not presented a gun, knife or other weapon.
Give him what he wants   Personal Response:
Give him just cash.
Fight Response Questions

These following questions are similar to the situational response questions, but geared towards an actual fight. In all situations you are WITHOUT a weapon of your own. Personal Responses are encouraged.

1.) You are facing an irrate male who is bigger then you and aggressive in nature. He is swinging at you with a looping sucker punch. We are assuming you have the ability to see this punch coming. What is your response?
Step Back   Personal Response:

2.) A man is charging at you full-force in an attempt to tackle you. You cannot avoid the hit, response?
  Personal Response:
Jump over him...?

3.) A gun is pointed at your chest. You are unsure of the intentions of the assialant. You can assume he wants your life, response?
Start praying.   Personal Response:
Attempt to control the weapon

4.) A man is wielding a knife and is intent on stabbing you. You cannot run or escape, response?
Getting stabbed is cool!   Personal Response:
Hit the knife out of his hand
Attempt to control weilding hand

5.) You are conerned by three men, one larger (the leader) and two average males, response?
Take a beating.   Personal Response:
Attack smaller males first.
Attack leader first.
Othe Questions?
Why are you taking this test?
Are you concerned about self-defense? Yes No  
Is someone threatening you or bothering you? Yes No  
Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself? Yes No  
Are you interested in competing in martial arts? Yes No  
Are you looking for self-defense solutions? Yes No  
Are you looking to improve strength and fighter's fitness? Yes No  
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